Sunday, April 15, 2012

Skimboarding at Boracay

I have been waiting to try skimboarding long before, till we went to Boracay. At first I was very intimidated while I was watching the other surfers. The rent for the skimboard is 200 per hour. 

A guy suddenly approached me and said that he will teach me. Me, being afraid of another charge just said, "Hindi na boss,ok lang.." then he replied, "Ikaw bahala, libre naman....". After hearing that, I immediately answered yes hehe. Not knowing that he is the owner of the skimboard rental stall hihihi

some posing before starting to glide.. 

and we begin....

looks easy and simple huh?not really

burned some calories and fats hehe

I had some few crashes and one major CRASH... sadly my girlfriend was not able to capture it..But here is what i got....

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