Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Twin Lake of Balinsasayao Adventure

It was our last day of vacation in Dumaguete, when our friend Jassen took us to the famous twin lake of Dumaguete. Aboard Reva(his toyota revo's name) we headed to the town of Sibulan. Then after a left turn from the highway, it was all now rough terrain and rocky road up to the mountain where the famous lake is. The view were all beauty. Green trees, mountains and everything are all pleasant to see.

the view is great!
 After about an hour of bumpy ride, we've finally reached a lake, a mini lake actually,we thought it was the twin lake but it just a place for registration.

the mini lake beside the registration area
So after registration, hopped again to reva, but they said it would just be a short ride from now.Yeah it was short ride, but hell of a slope hehe.Then we reached a big nipa hut-like restaurant i think. We rested for a bit and negotiate to rent for a banca that would bring us to the lake.

After resting for a while, we decided now to go to the lake, and take a boat ride. There are two options, we can either ride through a banca and go to the other side, or we can ride a banca to the watch tower located at a hill separating the two lakes.We opted for the 2nd option because its much cheaper and we are saving time. We really are excited as we went to the banca. Wish this could carry us all hehehe.

 Honestly, i was scared as we are sailing through the lake, we dont have any life jacket, and the fact that im not a good swimmer. Manong told us that the center of the lake is approximately 500 meters,wow!! He also told us that there once a fisherman that caught an 80-kilo fish.That was a monster fish!! A fish weighing closely to a pig hehehe.

the lake is really calm

To be continued

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