Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ride to Batangas City Grotto

It was the 3rd day of the August long weekend vacation..I received a  wallpost on Facebook from a bikemate(Ramon) saying that he will be visiting the Grotto of Mama  Mary located at Sto. Domingo,Batangas City. Since i havent been there  and my girlfriend already issued me a passport,Go!!! I texted ramon  immediately,"What time are you planning to take off?" Ive waited for a  bit but no reply from him.Since I were drunk( first time I tried a  Johny Walker Black Label...whoa!! smooth!!)I fell asleep. Good thing is that I set my alarm at 5:00 am,I have a contingency plan that if he  would not reply,I would find another route to go. I looked at my  cellphone,1 text message, from Ramon. "I will leave house at 6, meet me  at the city hall". Ok,sounds like i dont need my plan b. So I hopped from my bed. Gargle while taking a look at my  bike.Tools, pump, tires, brake..checked!! I hurriedly fix my self because  I dont want to be late. I just stopped by a carinderia to fill myself  with tapsilog. After that,off to the meet up point! Ive waited for about  10 minutes until he came and we left immediately.At first it was smooth  sailing,but then comes the uphill road,I said to Ramon "This is it,from this point,all are climbs".From Conde Itaas,it was all  climb.We had to take a breather.Then a group of fellow bikers came.We  decided to group with them.Seriously,the climbs were very difficult,I said  to myself before I leave that house that I would never use my granny  gear.But damn!!It was so hard.I feel like my heart and nose is going to  burst.Seems like I was a carabao plowing a field.The chatting and  laughing stops,all you could hear are "huh! huh! huh!" I came to a  point that I had to dismount from my bike.My chains would not  break,but my legs will.The saying is right,"kapag paahon,galit galit  muna".As we are going through a long climb,a fellow,strong biker pass  us by. I mean a very strong biker!! He was standing at the  pedal,mashing it and changing gear at the same time making it looks  like he's just playing the course!! WTF!! Could his legs be a robot?!  He's so fast as if we are not moving!And finally! After almost an hour of climbing we reached the grotto!

The view was very great!! At front was an over-looking of Batangas  City and nearby towns.You can also see Mt. Batulao and Mt. Maculot.And  at the back was green trees covering the mountain.The site was not  that grand but enough for someone like me who gets tired of the  everyday city life.A once a week view of this is enough.So as  usual,picture taking.

We enjoyed talking with fellow bikers,sharing our  interest with our hobbies. Meeting new friends outside is really  great.That's one of the best part of going out.So after a couple of  minutes of talking and laughing,we decided to descend.The roads now  are mostly downhill.

I said to Ramon that I will just be slow on our  way down.But as soon as I saw the long downhill road,I cant help it,I  need to be fast!!! So I released my brake then zoooom!! I found my  self in the front pack in no time. This is our reward! We're so fast  at that moment,at the same time I am praying."Please God,no dogs or  children please".It took us about an hour and half to reach the grotto but  descended for just about half an hour.Of course after the long ride,we need to refuel,so we decided to have  lomi at Jocas in Libjo.All were tired but seing at each other's  face,we knew we had a great time.Nice meeting you fellaz from  Shimmod!! Till next time..

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