Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jumbo Climb to Mt. Banoy

The start was really great..

until someone palpitates..
 but we need to continue....

are we in Baguio?or what?

  take a pose and enjoy the rest

then a fight for survival..

the only thing that matters is to eat, and live

and savor all the beautiful things God has given us.. 

have fun..

and play..

but give grace to the beauty held upon us..

it was very tiring.. but we made it..

to the tower on top of the mountain..

standing proudly

as we sat and take a breath

amazed of what we achieved

sitting proudly on a tree.. he don't want to go home

and a leap of faith we need..

as we bid farewell to what they call 'wireless'

rushing towards the hill..

every step is like saying goodbye..

and a last view of the beauty..

until we're lost on the standing grass..

greeted by cute faces....

and delicious foods and blessings...

we decided to call it a day..

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