Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiking and Biking Mt. Banoy

I was browsing a mountain bike forum when i stumbled upon a post  regarding mountain biking Mt. Banoy. Excitement suddenly surge upon my  body. Ive researched first if it was really bikeable,and yes it is.I 
had seen a lot of post of other bikers climbing mt. banoy with their  rigs.Now, Ive just need to negotiate with my bebe that it would be  safe.So after a few sweet talk,I finally made her to give me a go  signal. I prepared all my things.Ive even brought my elbow and knee  pads,a bandage and an alcohol.Who knows,it could be a one hell of a  trip.

a foggy morning..
 My journey greeted me with a foggy morning.Ive asked some locals if im  in the correct route,some even get so amazed,"mag isa ka lang?" By  that,I kindda get scared,"What's waiting for me out there?" From the 
beggining,it was pure uphill road(the fact that im going to climb a  mountain) I decided to dismount my bike and just walk my way up.Ive  had the chance to have some chat with a local on my way up.He told me 
story of some bikers who would climb the same way im going without  them going down their bike(ok,im not that great) hehe.


uphills from the start


rocky road :D

a landmark, at last!!

Now the paved road becomes a rocky road. Some are just as big as a  fist but some are really large. I had to seat and take a rest each  time.If only my bike weigh less,then it would be easy to carry.Ive reached the first flat land at Mt. Banoy.The view is really great!  You can see Batangas City and nearby towns. Also Mt. Maculot and Mt.  Batulao. Some picture taking as a souvenir.

can you see the towers at the summit??

on top of Batangas City
 I checked the time,found  out that im late on schedule. I have a meeting before lunch so i  decided to descend already. Ive put on my elbow and knee pads, helmet  and gloves. Take a chocolate for energy,drink water, and take off. 

geared up, ready for some stumbl'n

Just a few seconds as I were negotiating my way through the rocky  road, a drop ahead!! I were surprised,hit my brake hardly! Next thing  I saw was me dropping of my bike.Ouch! First endo! I immediately stand  up and looked if someone had saw me,luckily,none.I sit beside my bike 
and thought what I were doing wrong. I kindda imagine what DH bikers  do. Then a bulb lights up above my head,ting! My seatpost needs to be  lowered. I also need to lean back of my saddle.This will lower my 
center of gravity.So I hopped again at my bike. To the rocky roads  again! I was literally laughing now,my plan worked!! But when I saw  people on the way,I would dismount from my bike, look at my chains and 
tires as if something was wrong.I dont want them to see me flying away  from my bike if I made a mistake hehehe. Then my 2nd fall,blag!! I  slided because i hadn't notice that my tire now is full of mud and i 
braked through a loose rocks! Damn! my newly brought GZ shorts are  scratched. But thankful that I decided not to buy a cycling short :) Finally! I reached the highway! It was really a great ride!! My first 
time taking a downhill ride that is like a technical course! Thanks  God that I made it home without broken bones or what so ever. As a  treat,I rehydrated myself,with a can of san mig lights,cheers!!

perfect for rehydration :)

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