Sunday, April 15, 2012

Skimboarding at Boracay

I have been waiting to try skimboarding long before, till we went to Boracay. At first I was very intimidated while I was watching the other surfers. The rent for the skimboard is 200 per hour. 

A guy suddenly approached me and said that he will teach me. Me, being afraid of another charge just said, "Hindi na boss,ok lang.." then he replied, "Ikaw bahala, libre naman....". After hearing that, I immediately answered yes hehe. Not knowing that he is the owner of the skimboard rental stall hihihi

some posing before starting to glide.. 

and we begin....

looks easy and simple huh?not really

burned some calories and fats hehe

I had some few crashes and one major CRASH... sadly my girlfriend was not able to capture it..But here is what i got....

Me, Myself and I - First Solo Batulao CLimb

I was very eager to bring my girlfriend with me in climbing a mountain. So as for her first time, we’ve chosen Mt. Batulao. Since it will also be my first time in Mt. Batulao, i went on a solo climb to be familiar with the path.
I planned on departing Batangas early to have lots of time since it will be my first, and I can have all the time I want. The sun greeted me warmly and seen such a great sight along my way to Nasugbu.

And in no time I reached Evercrest. There, I left my scooter beside the guard house, sign in the log book, then started walking. And as I keep on walking, I found out that there are pay-parking area inside, which could really save me a lot of walking hehe. Children approaches greeting me a good morning and asking me if I wanted them to guide me. But I said thanks, but im gonna  do this on my own hehe. And they just greeted me back, ”ingat po kayo”.

Then I happen to walk with an old man, who’s going to check his cows and goats. We had some exchange of short stories. Then we parted, and I continue on my trekking. Then I caught up with 3 fellow climbers. We’ve walked together till we reached the first stop over, the junction between the old and the new trail.

We rested for a while, they decided that they will take the new trail because they have a child with them. And we parted as I continue my trekking at the old trail. At first I was running and jogging, jumping through obstacles. Then I no time, I reached the station 1. I met, Mang Pael, the caretaker in old trail. I registered in the log book and also got his cellphone number for future climbs. So I bid thanks and continue walking. 

Then as I passed station 2, all the running and jumping are now taking its toll. I checked the summit and found out that from this point onward, it will all be steep climbs.
From Station 3, I think for every few steps my legs are crumbling. I slowed my pace down. I made my steps smaller and much precise as I was dealing with the rocky portion of the mountain. Then ive reached a part where there’s a rope hanging. At first it scares me, do I really need to climb here? I felt afraid. What if I fall? No one would see me. Scary....

But I wanted to reach the summit, so I prayed for Guidance. And thanks God, ive passed that portion safely. Then just a few more climbs and I reached the summit!!!

summit at last!!

The feeling was very great!! The wind was blowing hard, the sight was awesome. The view up there is really breath-taking. Then more fellow climbers arrived, including the 3 fellows I met earlier. 

Took some more photos, ate my snacks and bid farewell to them. Started the descend alone again. The way on the new trail was also pretty straight forward. And in no time, ive reached the registration point for new trail. Since im in a hurry, I only rested for a bit and continue heading down.

The climb was really great. Now im ready to bring my girlfriend back to Mt. Batulao :D

Some more pictures from the climb :

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jumbo Climb to Mt. Banoy

The start was really great..

until someone palpitates..
 but we need to continue....

are we in Baguio?or what?

  take a pose and enjoy the rest

then a fight for survival..

the only thing that matters is to eat, and live

and savor all the beautiful things God has given us.. 

have fun..

and play..

but give grace to the beauty held upon us..

it was very tiring.. but we made it..

to the tower on top of the mountain..

standing proudly

as we sat and take a breath

amazed of what we achieved

sitting proudly on a tree.. he don't want to go home

and a leap of faith we need..

as we bid farewell to what they call 'wireless'

rushing towards the hill..

every step is like saying goodbye..

and a last view of the beauty..

until we're lost on the standing grass..

greeted by cute faces....

and delicious foods and blessings...

we decided to call it a day..